About IGR

Istanbul Gold Refinery Inc. was the first official refinery to be listed on the Istanbul Gold Exchange and with the Turkish Treasury and registered at the Dubai Multi Commodities Center in 2007. In September 2011, the company listed on the Good Delivery List of LBMA, which signifies that IGR Precious Metal Products also be traded in global markets. Secondly, IGR became COMEX Good Delivery Listed Refinery in 2014. IGR continues to operate striving for perfection, always working towards being one of the best and most reputable refineries in the precious metals market worldwide.

At IGR, we have an energetic team of professionals who can help you liquefy your precious metals with a quick turnaround time. We are motivated to help our customers conduct transparent and highly efficient transactions. We are proud of our reputation as Precious Metal Refiners and will continue to serve our customers, large or small, with reliability and trust.

Our Services

Refining / Recycling Service:

Our fully equipped facilities are always ready for small or big smelting lots, along with prompt service and rapid settlements on all lot sizes. Our focus is to provide you with the best in class service with various settlement options such as Wire transfer, Check, Casting Grains, and metal pool account that suits you.

Laboratory Service:

Specialized in the analysis of precious metals, IGR provides fire assay services to its customers. The fire assay analysis is conducted in a modern laboratory, to provide precise metal analysis for every incoming sample. Highly skilled chemists guarantee the accuracy of the result of all samples. The results are provided on a “Report of Assay” to maintain transparency on every aspect of the trade.

Stone Extraction Service:

Removing precious stones from the jewelry by hand might cause the stone to crack, chipped, or lost. With our stone extraction service, all stones are returned to you in unbroken condition. There is no minimum lot size and all lots are handled in the presence of the customer’s representative.

Products & Bullion Services:

We combine nearly 100 years of experience with forward-looking proprietary techniques to produce the highest-quality products on the market. As a LBMA London Good Delivery and COMEX approved refinery, IGR is capable of providing from large volume bullions to fractional minted bars. They come in various sizes ranging from 0.5 to 100 grams. We guarantee the weight and fineness of our products, without exception.

Bullion Customization Services:

Through our bullion customization services, we accommodate custom design and packaging requests which could go a long way for the brand image of any corporation. We classify your idea, project the art work for you and convert it to become a piece of true art, that will not only surprise you and your clients, but will position out and speak for itself among other similar products. We guarantee the weight and fineness of our products, without exception. For more information in IGR Bullion Product & Services, call us 212 575 2388